Vital Tips to Sell Your Blog for Making Money Online

It happens that for certain reasons and on occasion, a blogger should evaluate the possibility of selling his blog(s) to make money online and must know what a particular blog has the present market value to make an informed and productive decision. Here I share the most effective methods to determine the blog value and give you some recommendations to sell your blog at a good price and it’s a great way to earn money online from home. I’ve sold many blogs online and I’ll give you some tips.


Blogs are considered as useful tools for connections, relationships and interactions among both businesses and consumers, as well as good relations between companies. For this reason, Blogs have developed over the years as an important market that evaluate the influence and scope of each blog to determine its price. In order to discern whether the price is fair or not, bloggers must analyze the following factors;

    • Traffic level, resources and quality
    • Monetization level
    • The statistics navigation
    • Strategic partnerships with multimedia
    • The age of your blog
    • What makes your blog unique i.e. design, content or functionality?

Navigation Statistics

First of all, note the monthly traffic and its evolution and then determine where the traffic comes from and what your most visited sections and pages are. Finally, analyze the level of bounce rate per visit.


You must have in mind what the monthly income of your blog is, what the sources of this income are and what your conversion rate is and evaluate what the value per visit is which is calculated by taking the amount of money received in the last three months divided by the number of visits in the same period of time.

Strategic Partnerships

Make a note of the major media companies or sponsorships that accompany your publications on the blog.


Once you have made a clear picture of these aspects, they will help you decide the success and scope of your blog’s value. In the second phase, you need to find multiple sites or markets dedicated to buying and selling websites and blogs to evaluate what the market value on these intermediaries could be of your blog. On websites like Flippa, you will see the data from your competitors, so you can make a comparison with the reference value mentioned by the broker so that you can determine how much your blog is. A reference market is considered as an authority where you find a suggested value.

I recommend you to visit these sites identify a few competitors to take as a reference and compare your data with them. Having select the competitors, assess your strengths and weaknesses to determine the price range which you find appropriate for your blog to sell. Once you have sold your first blog, you can rinse and repeat the formula to establish a steady source to make money online.